Termsand Conditions

Acceptance Of Agreement

This agreement is a legal contract between you and company pinlab d.o.o (in continuance pinlab) for using the services of system control+.

You can represent company in this case this is a legal contract between represented company and company pinlab d.o.o for using the services of system control+. if you represent the company you warrant that you have the legal authority to bind your company to this agreement.

You need to agree to this terms of agreement to be able to create a user account for using the services of system control+.

If you or the company that you represent do not agree with these terms of agreement you should not accept them. in this case you will not be able to use the services of control+.

Ownership of the Services of the System Control+

The Services of the System Control+ and associated System Documentation is property from the company Pinlab and only company Pinlab has all rights reserves to the software and associated System Documentation.

Code of Conduct

When using the Services of Control+ you must agree that it is forbidden:

  • Any illegal act.
  • Engagement in any activity that exploits, harms, or threatens to harm children.
  • Using instant messages for sending spam or posting bulk messages.
  • Storing and sharing inappropriate content or material (involving for example, nudity, pornography, graphic violence, or criminal activity)
  • Engagement in activities that are false or misleading (e.g., asking for money under false pretences, impersonating someone else, manipulating the Services to increase play count, or affect rankings, ratings, or comments).
  • Committing security breaches (impersonating, transmitting viruses, stalking, communicating hate speech, or advocating violence against others)
  • Violating the privacy of others.
  • Cooperating or helping others to break these rules.

If you violate the terms we may stop providing services of Control+ to you. We may block your access to your Control+ account without prior notice or cancel the contract to the Control+ services. We may block all of your communication to and from Control+. We may remove all inappropriate (listed above) contents.

Pinlab can review your contents if we think that violence has happened in order to resolve the issue. We are not in a position to monitor the entire services and make no attempt to do so.

Using The Services Of Control+

While using the Control+, you may not:

  • Do the Reverse engineering
  • Bypass, decrypt, hack decompile, password mining to any software components that is part of Services of System Control+
  • Gain unauthorised access to any Services of Control+ or to data or other accounts.
  • Use the Services of Control+ in any unauthorised way.
  • Advertise, publish, sell, distribute or lend the Services of Control+ unless you are not authorised to do that by Pinlab.
  • Use Services of Control+ in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair the availability of Services of Control+.

The Services of Control+ also include communication services as:

  • E-mail service
  • Chat area
  • Files and
  • Other communication services that enable you to communicate with others.

When using the communication Services of Control+ you must agree that you will NOT:

  • Upload, store, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, obscene, indecent, inappropriate or unlawful content.
  • Violate the legal right (privacy and publicity) of other.
  • Violate any applicable laws or regulations.
  • Use the content (including images, photographs, files, software or other material) that can infringe copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights. Unless you own the proprietary rights or you have received all necessary consent.
  • Use the Communication Services of Control+ for contests, pyramid schemes, junk email, spamming or unsolicited messages.
  • Use or upload files that contain viruses, time bomb, Trojan horses or other similar tools for security breach that may damage the operations or availability of Control+ or may damage property of other.
  • Collect information about others, including e-mail addresses.
  • Violate any code of conduct or other guidelines which may be applicable for any particular Communication Service.
  • Use false identity for the purpose of misleading others.

Pinlab disclaims any liability in using communication appliances/services because we cannot be responsible for the content used in communication appliances/services and any action resulting from participation in communication appliances/services.

If you put links in the communication appliances/services you will leave the system Control+, the linked sites are not under control of Pinlab and we cannot be responsible for the contents of any linked sites or any linked content or the maintaining of linked sites (changes or updates to linked sites). We cannot be responsible for any form of transmissions received from any linked site.

Pinlab can without prior notice review your content if we think that violence has been done in order to resolve the issue. We may block you all communication from System Control+. We may remove all inappropriate content. But in general we are not in a position to monitor the entire services and make no attempt to do so.

Pinlab can access, store and disclose any information for:

  • Insuring following law regulations and legal proceedings including those from law enforcement or other government agencies.
  • Client protection in case of inappropriate contents, preventing deaths or bad injuries.
  • Insuring information security (against fraud and threat, security breach…).
  • Protecting intellectual property of Pinlab.

You can use trial version or payed version Services of Control+.

For using Services of the Control+ you will need an internet connection. You are responsible for paying any fees for the internet connection to the internet provider. We will not reimburse you for such fees. You need to determine with your internet provider if there are any such fees that may apply to you.

Before using Services of Control+ you need to register/sign up. You agree not to use any false inaccurate or misleading information when singing up for the access of Control+. Be aware that you are also responsible for safety of your account so keep your account details and password confidential.

If we suspect a breach or impersonation of your account, we will notify you and may suspend your account until you can reclaim ownership. In the case of having trouble accessing your account, visit our contact information and send us email on support@pinlabsolutions.com.

In the case of forgetting the password, you can reset it in the login section by clicking the “forget password? link.

For using Services of Control+ you need to have reached the age of ‘’maturity’’ in the country you live. If you did not reach the age of ‘maturity’ you are NOT ALLOWED to use Services of the Control+.

You can cancel available Services of Control+ at any time and for no reason. We will keep your record in the system Control+ for a 60-day period. During the 60-day period you can reactivate your account. After this period, we will close your account and delete your data.

If your Services of Control+ are by any reason cancelled, terminated or closed, the following things happen:

  • Your right to use Services of the Control+ will stops before new subscription renewal period.
  • After the 60-day period we will delete record data of your Content in the Control+ or will otherwise disassociate it if from you. You should have regular backup of your content.
  • You may lose your access to Services of Control+ immediately if you are using free version.

You will be notified about all important cases about Services of Control+ by email.

We are providing you Customer Support for Services of Control+ by email sent on the email address support@pinlabsolutions.com Customer Support is also available in the Ticket module in the system Control+.

If you believe that a security incident has happened (obtaining unauthorized access, obtaining other personal data or content by unauthorised way) you shall inform Pinlab immediately and change your data or have it changed by Pinlab.

Third Party Applications Or Services

Third-Party software application or services can be available in the system Control+. This Third-Party Application or Services is not part of the Services of Control+. The Third-Party application and Services may also present to you with their privacy policy or terms of agreement and require you to accept before you can use the Third-Party application or Services. We have no liability and we are not responsible for the terms of agreements from the Third-Party application or Services.

Fees And Payment Terms

If you subscribe to the Services of Control+, then you agree to the payment terms below.

  • Price; Services Fees; Taxes. The price is associated with charges for subscribed Services of the Control+ which you agree to pay. The set price excludes all applicable taxes and currency exchange settlements, unless stated otherwise. You are responsible for paying such taxes or other charges. Current price list is available on the Site. Service Fees for subscription are payable in advance prior to subscription period, unless we separately agree otherwise.
  • Invoicing. By selecting a payment method, we are authorised to use the payment method that you select and that any payment information you provide is true and accurate. We may invoice you in advance, at the time of purchase or shortly after purchase on a basis of subscription for the Services of Control+. Pinlab will charge you up to the amount you have approved. We can invoice you at the same time for more than one of invoicing periods if the amounts have not been processed yet.
  • Payments. For purchased Services of Control+ based on a subscription basis you can choose when the subscription will be prolonged (e.g., monthly, every 3 months or annually. The payment shall be made to Pinlab by the chosen payment method at chosen paying subscription period until the subscription for the Services of Control+ is terminated or cancelled by you or by Pinlab. By selecting payment method for the subscription for the Services of Control+, you are authorizing Pinlab to process such payments as either electronic debits or found transfer to Bank account or as charges to your designated account (in the case of credit card or similar payments). In the case if any payment is returned unpaid or if any credit card or similar transaction is rejected or denied, Pinlab may terminate you the subscribed Services of Control+.
  • Payment Methods. At the time you sign up the subscription for using Services of Control+ you will need to provide payment method to pay the fee for chosen Services. You can maintain your invoicing information’s and payment method in the Setting Payments area of Control+. Your invoicing account and contact information need to be current at all time and you agree with.
  • Invoicing information’s, notifications and errors about invoicing. Pinlab will provide you online information and notifications by email. The information and notifications can be also seen in the settings payment area. If you find any error on your invoice that we made it, you must notify us by email address billing@pinlab.com within 60 days after the error first appears on your invoice. We will promptly investigate the reported issue. If you do not notify us of the error within 60 days, you release us from all liabilities and claims from errors and losses and we will not be required to correct the error or provide a refund. If the error is identified by Pinlab, we will notify you and correct the error within 90 days. We may reverse or require return of the payment. In the case of overpayment, we may also reduce the payment to you.
  • Cancelling/Terminating/Suspending. You are allowed to cancel/terminate your Services of Control+ at any time. We may suspend or cancel the Services of Control+ if we do not receive full payment on time. If we suspend or cancel the Services of Control+ because of non-payment you could lose the access to Control+ and its content. You must cancel the Services of Control+ before the renewal date to avoid being invoiced for the renewal. If you are cancelling before ending subscription period, you may not receive a refund at the time of cancellation.
  • Subscription Services Renewal. Pinlab will notify you by email before automatically renewing your Subscribed Services of Control+. After we have informed you that the subscription for Services of Control+ will be automatically renewed, your subscription will be automatically renewed. We will charge you the current price for the renewal period. You will be also provided with the instruction about cancelling your subscription. The subscription must be cancelled before the renewal date to avoid being invoiced for the renewal.
  • Trial Period. If you sign up for a Trial version of Services of Control+ you should cancel it before the end of a trial period. If the Trial version is not cancelled before end of the trial period, we will renew the subscription and charge it at current price.
  • Price Changes. Pinlab reserves the right to change the price of Services of Control+ at any time. If you have a recurring subscription, we will inform you by email at least 10 days before price changes. If you do not agree with the new price, you must cancel the subscription of Services of Control+ before the new price takes effect.


The Services of System Control+ may be unavailable from time to time, it may be available for a limited time or may availability vary depending on your device or region. We will try to keep the Control+ available as much as possible. We cannot guarantee a 100% availability of Services of Control+, because we cannot effect on occasional disruptions and outages and we are not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result.

Because in the case of unavailability you will not be able to retrieve Your Content record that you have stored. You should have a regular backup to be able to access your content that you store in system Control+.

Terms Changes

We may change these Terms of agreement at any time. If the change occurs, we will inform you by email. You will need to read new terms of agreement and accept them. If you do not agree with the new terms of agreement, then you need to stop using Services of Control+.

Maybe there will be a need for software update to keep using the Services of Control+. You may be required to update software to be possible to continue using Services of Control+. Pinlab is not committed to making any updates available to support the version of the system you use.

It can happen from time to time that we will need to update or change or remove functionalities from the Services of Control+ and the access to Control+ can be unavailable for a limited time. It can happen that some functionalities from the Services of Control+ stop working after an update. In the case of unavailability, you will not be able to retrieve Your Content record that you have stored. You should have a regular backup to be able to access to your content. We are not responsible for your Content stored in the Control+.

Governing Law

For contracting under these Terms of agreement you are contracting to Company Pinlab.

The laws of Slovenia shall apply: the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall be excluded. The mandatory provisions of the country in which the user resides shall remain unaffected by this legal decision.


Pinlab and our resellers, distributors and vendors make NO WARRANTIES to your use of Services of the System Control+.

The Services of Control+ are solutions ‘’AS IS’’ basis with offered functionalities with ‘’ALL FAULTS ‘’and ‘’AS AVAILABLE’’. The risk of using services of the System Control+ is Yours. Pinlab does not Guarantee that the Services of Control+ are applicable to your local law. If there are rights under your local law for Warranties, Quality, Workmanlike effort, non-infringement and merchantability we Exclude any Implied Warranties.

Software solutions, computers and telecommunication system and networks are not fault– free. Also the downtime can occur. We cannot guarantee for a 100% availability of Services of Control+ or error-free or that loos of content will not occur.

Pinlab will not be liable for any damage that is the consequence of any incidental, consequential, indirect, special and punitive act or any act which is not under these terms of agreement.

Limitation Of Liability

If you are eligible for recovering damages, you agree that direct damages up to an amount equal to your Services’ fee for the month during which the breach occurred.

We will not cover the costs of any other damages or losses (e.g. profit lost or punitive liability).


You will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Pinlab and its corporate affiliates, directors, officers, employees, successors, assigns and agents from and against any third party claim, demand or action, and all resulting damages, settlement amounts, penalties, costs and expenses, that arises out of our relates to Your Content (except to the extent such claim arises from Pinlab use of Your Content in violation of this Agreement), including without limitation claims that Your Content infringes or violates any intellectual property or proprietary right of a third party, violates any confidentiality obligation owed to a third party, or violates any applicable law.


With accepting these terms you agree that if you are or you were our customer that we may identify you on our Site or in our customer list or other public communications.


If you provide us with feedback or suggestions for improvements or enhancement for the Services of the Control+, you agree that Pinlab will have perpetual rights to use and incorporate them into the system Control+ without any obligation of compensations.

Final Provisions

We hope we never have a dispute, but if we do, you and we agree to try for 60 days to resolve it informally. If we can’t, you and we agree disputes will be settled by Slovenian court.

For disputes arising from the use of these services and in connection with the company PINLAB d.o.o. is used solely by the law of the Republic of Slovenia, excluding the provisions of international private law and procedure. All parties to the contract, regardless of their actual geographical location, nationality or affiliation, agree that in the context of services related exclusively to the law of the Republic of Slovenia. Disputes relating to these Terms od Agremeent are not subject to the provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

For all disputes and legal proceedings in connection with these Terms od Agreement the use of services and the operation of the service is the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Ljubljana.

The service CONTROL+ contains data and information on which it has exclusive rights PINLAB d.o.o.

PINLAB d.o.o. It is the exclusive owner of the copyright in copyrighted works that form the system CONTROL+, irrespective of whether it is expressly marked or not. Among the included works of authorship include, inter alia, all computer code arranged structure of the system, and all written and visual material. In accordance with the provisions of the law on intellectual property rights to the copyrighted material is not necessary to add a tag (eg. Copyright, copyright (c), etc.), But it is protected by the very occurrence and unauthorized persons are, as such, prohibits further reproduction, distribution, modify, publicly display and playback as well as other forms of exploitation of the copyrighted work. Also, the content of the system CONTROL+ protected under the rules on the protection of databases.

PINLAB d.o.o. is the sole owner of the trademarks or service marks Control+ and from derivative names.

We reserve the right to make in the event of any infringement of intellectual property rights has taken action against violators in accordance with the law. Provider such action can take place at any time of their choice (eg., A measure carried out as soon as it finds an infringement, but also later).

By using this service the user agrees not to modify, copy or distribute any such information without the prior written permission of the owner of the information.