In the Company Pinlab, we take care about your privacy. This Privacy Policy informs you how we collect, use and store the information you provide in doing business with us.

How we collect your personal data?

Personal data that we collect depends on used functionalities:

  • Contact data: name, surname, address, email address and other needed contact data.
  • Account password for using the services of System Control+.
  • Payment data: Credit card, security codes and other data needed for processing payments.
  • Operational data. This is data that describes us how you use system. For example; modules that users use the most. Data about Facilities that users use to access to Control+. Data about information system that users use on their appliances and other data needed for improving our services.
  • Data needed for using the services of System Control+: Contacts data and relations between.
  • Localisation. We collect data about user location if available.
  • Content data: Stored files data if we need it for providing services.
  • Communication data: If you save communication data in the system, then we can use it if we need to provide services.
  • All other needed data that system Control+ needs for providing the functionalities.

It is allowed to reject providing us the needed personal data, but in this case we cannot assure you are offered services of the system Control+.

How we use your personal data?

We collect personal data for:

  • Insuring and providing services from the system
  • Improving customer experience
  • Providing customer support
  • Insuring information security
  • Sending commercial email
  • Commercial advertising
  • Preparing business reports for Pinlab
  • Communication with customer over email.

Protecting your personal data

For protecting your personal data, we use different technologies (for example: encrypting credit cart data and passwords), policies and procedures. We will send your personal data only with your confirmation. This applies also to data sent to the Bank for processing payments.

We will send your personal data only with your confirmation. This applies also to data sent to the Bank for processing payments.

We send your personal data also to our branches who are under Pinlab authority. We can send your personal data to companies who work in the name of Pinlab to provide customer support services. In this case they are obligated to insure privacy protection and they are not allowed to use this data in no other purpose.

Pinlab can disclose personal data as a part of company transaction in case of merge or in case of assets sale.

Our services include third service provider companies’ connections which are not insuring the same procedures about personal data privacy. If you are distributing your personal data to third services provider companies, they will be treated with their privacy policies.

Commercial advertising

You can enable or disable sending commercial advertising at any time. The option for enabling and disabling is accessible in your Profile settings.


Cookies are used for insuring and improving our services. Cookies allow us to store some user settings, to prevent security breaches and for analysing services.

Personal data retention

Pinlab will store your personal data as long as it needs to ensure required services or for other regulation or law purposes.

Retention period for :

  • Deleting credit card data. Pinlab will store credit card data that is connected with item transactions as long as it is rational to finish the business items.
  • Data Retention after cancelling the services of system Control +;

We will keep your record in the system Control+ for a 60-day period. During the 60-day period you can reactivate your account. After this period, we will close your account and delete your data.

Right to delete your account

You have the right to delete your account in Control+. Your account will be permanently deleted.

If you would like to delete your account, send us a request on

Privacy policy changes

We are constantly improving and updating our privacy policy. We will include last modifications at the top of privacy policy. In case of important changes in privacy policy we will inform you about by email.

We suggest that the user follows the changes of our privacy policy.

How to contact us?

For technical support visit our websites or send us email on

If you have privacy issues send us email on and we will answer you within 30 days. We will communicate with you generally over email. You need to ensure that the specified email account is not changed.

Our business address is: Pinlab d.o.o, 3000 Celje, Slovenia.


System Control+ allows you to store and share your content and materials (files, pictures…) to the others. Company Pinlab IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for your content and other uploaded material.

You should have a regular backup to be able to access your content in the case your account/access to the services of system Control+ is closed.

When you share your content to other people, you should be aware that they may be able to share and distribute it worldwide. They can copy and store the record in the local systems or equipment. You have all rights to access and store your content in the System Control+ as long as you use services.

The company Pinlab will not use your Content in system Control+ for any distribution, publication or advertising purpose.