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Compare & Plan More Projects at the same time with live Portfolio Gantt

Portfolio Gantt is the next level of multi-project planning which enables you to manage multiple projects at the same time.

Compare and plan all your resources in a specific time period to ensure maximum efficiency and the ability to complete projects in the agreed timeline.

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Project costing (Planned and Realized Costs)

Get your project costs just with one click or hover over. From the lowest work order level rolled up to work package and project. Or you can add costs directly to project.

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Labour costs pricing

User can track labour costs in multiple variants:

  • - Dynamic monthly user cost rate (demand for project financed from EU)

  • - User cost rate set on project

  • - Fix user cost rate

  • - The access to the prices is regulated with permission level.

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Easy Mobile Reporting

For the users who will only report hours of their work they can do that very easy with mobile app which is adjusted solution for reporting needs.

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