Why Choose Control+?

The requirements of today's Projects are driven by competitive market. Companies need a modern, integrated and collaborative project management tool. The team and other stakeholders, like suppliers and clients or company's board members need to collaborate and use highly efficient and socialy integated tools to manage the project's demands and keep the team highly motivated.

Our solution Control+ is a modern, integrated and easy to manage intelligent management tool.

All you need to know about your project, team and plans is only one click away.

Interactive live gantt enables fast creation and scheduling of your project. Live gantt is a single point of control to manage all the complexity with one control panel.

Projects or tasks can quickly be created with predefined templates. Dependencies can be added later. Team members can be assigned to work or they can identify their work by themselves, so that project manager can review and incorporate it to the project plan.

Project managers can have an instant updated view of their projects without additional communication to team members. The status of team members' work progress is shown by running or finished activities. Even change orders and issues can be raised. They can use integrated collaboration tool to discuss about activities. All history of the work and communication can be checked at any time.

Sharing and sending tasks between the team is as simple as adding a supervisor or followers. All project documentations can be attached either to the task or to the Project.

For more organised work, team members can create their personal plans. They can check the project calendar not to forget any important meetings or just to check team member's absence.

Control+ Intelligent and innovative project management tool will enable you to assign the right person to the right work and manage the project requirements at the right time.

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'Live Gantt' - Single point of control.
Control all the complexity from one single point that will give you a complete picture of state of your timeline as well progress and utilisation of the users. Team members can show the progress of work. They can raise issue or change request. They can colaborate and communicate over embeded communications tools.

Life cycle management. Track your projects through all project life cycle initiations, planning, executions and closures.

Project balance sheet. Track your project costs and revenues on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Change management. Track your plan changes and compare it with project baseline.

Your project team in one place. Get control over your Project team just with one click; it can be your dislocated or outsourced team members.

Multiproject management. Projects can be tracked by life cycle phases or priorities or other useful criteria.

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Create dynamic meetings.  It is not just calendar, but meetings are as work assignments, where you can attach meeting minutes, put comments create dependent tasks or report work.

Call management. You will be able to plan your call, not forget to call anymore.

Absence tracking. Be on track with your team absence.

Integrations with other calendars.  like google and Outlook.

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Tracking work by KANBAN method. Be informed promptly about the state of work. How many tasks are pending or how many are already being worked on. You can check also other statuses like change request.

Clear responsibility. It is very important that assignment of work is clear to be able to avoid conflict and doubling of work.

Chat in comments. You can put comments on work. Comments will stay there and you are able to check them anytime.

Leads and Dependencies. Work can be grouped to Lead. This way it is easy to track the group of work that is assigned on lead work with all dependencies.

Sharing work with outsourced collaborators. Share work to outsourced collaborators who are not the part of Control+.

Tracking plan and realized funds for work. You can plan work budget and also report realized budget of your work to be on track with your costs.

Grouping work into dynamic groups. Work can be grouped into the dynamic groups, up to 3 levels deep.

Plan your work. To track performance of your work plan is unavoidable. Use easy to do lists and be on the track.

Daily reporting’s. Report work performed on action so that you will be on the track with time, cost and efficiency of your work.

File management. Files can be attached all over the system almost in every corner.

Item (material) management. Items can be added to work actions. You can track material use and availability of assets.

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All your activities on one calendar view. You can send planned work to other calendar as Outlook and Google calendar.

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Weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly plans. Prepare time dynamic to do lists with estimated hours and priorities.

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Audit trails and GDPR regulations. 

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You can easily check your data on graphical or tabular reports.

Reports are dynamic with possibilities of using filters.

Time spent by work.

Estimated vs reported time.

Call report.

Work efficiency report.

Respond time.

We are updating reports regularly. They can also be adjusted to your needs.

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Lead tracking. Simple lead tracking, like picking carton boxes with labels on them.

Track work, communications, time and costs by customers. You will have all your communications in one place reachable with one click.

Plan your work with your clients. Be efficient with your client and plan your work and communicate with them.

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