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CONTROL+ is a B2B cloud system for in-depth project management with focus on preventing major mistakes in early stages of project’s Life cycle. It is built from the perspective of costs.
• All in one place, with user friendly and simple interface
• Affordable
• Helps companies save time and cost by helping them measure the actual reason behind delays, team changes and finding hidden, not very noticeable reasons for them.

CONTROL+ can be used in every country. There are 5 languages available now (Slovenian, Croatian, German, English and Polish). We are continuously adding new ones.

CONTROL+ is an all-inclusive platform where you can plan and execute your projects with easiness and with the utmost control. By having so much information available and strict control, you can protect your business from any liabilities, monitor data and ensure that proper measures are being followed. Also, you can be aware of what your team is doing and help them be motivated and achieve their goals.
Behind CONTROL+, there is a mature multicultural team with highest education and an average of 15 years of experience in this field of work.

With CONTROL+ solution, you can have a full picture of your project, which allows you to trace each step as well as its relationships between each other from the start till the end. Such a high level of transparency allows you to be better informed and thus be more capable of having insightful decision-making.

The maximum size of the file that can be uploaded is 8 MB.

• Confidentiality and security: All information and details will be kept confidential (encryption, redundant servers, automatic backups)
• 24/7 support
• Professional support
• Continual improvement of the system

ISO 9001 is issued to organizations that follow a good Quality Management System (QMS) principles, including a strong customer focus, top management and continual improvement. While the ISO/IEC 27001 provides a framework of best practices in security for financial information, intellectual property, employee details, or sensitive customer information.

Yes. CONTROL+ offers full integration of various types of files and data. Importing and exporting spreadsheets, files and project plans has never been easier.

Team of CONTROL+ has 15 years of experience in Project Management and Crisis Management.
Control+ is always looking at new ways of improving our internal processes to provide the best service to our users. We can ensure our users that Control+ is an organization that strives for efficient working practices and professionalism.
Our customer is our friend and we take care of them. Because this is the only way to grow – together.

The valid pricing list is published on our web pages.
You can pay monthly subscription by invoice that we will send you on your provided email address.
We offer you a 10% subscription discount for an annual commitment.
Paying with business cards and PayPal will be available soon.

Yes. You can always upgrade or downgrade the users and the subscription.

CONTROL+ is FREE for 1 user.
For companies with more than 10 users, we can help you with onboarding. We also give you a 30-day FREE TRIAL period with all available features.