Author: Jasna Rihter

Would you say that there are no conflicts in your company?

Conflicts are present in every company. The question is how damaging are those conflicts that you are dealing with. Conflicts are like fire. They can grow and spread rapidly, and the consequences can be very serious. So where does everything start? 90% of Conflicts arise based on : some kind of disagreements – different points … Continued

Collaborations and Intellectual Property Rights

Collaborating with contractors is the second most often way of work. Taking care about the part of work or purchased work is here even more important especially in the case of development projects, where the intellectual property rights can be in question. Let us start with Intellectual Property Rights. I will not define what it … Continued

B2B Connecting With Purpose of Cost Reduction

Does your company need extra resources or additional knowledge? Are you forced to reduce costs or would you like to expand to new markets? One of the very effective ways of solving all issues above is to connect with other companies and collaborate. Do you feel anxious about this idea? No need to. I will … Continued