Collaborations and Intellectual Property Rights

Collaborating with contractors is the second most often way of work.

Taking care about the part of work or purchased work is here even more important especially in the case of development projects, where the intellectual property rights can be in question.

Let us start with Intellectual Property Rights. I will not define what it is, but I will give you direct advice on how to manage it.

The use of patent protection;

There is no universal patent and it can be tricky to obtain one. The process of obtaining a patent can be very costly and lengthy. Therefore, consider the benefits before applying for patent. There are also a lot of tricks with definitions of a patent. Usually you will spend a lot of money and at the end somebody will change a small thing and copy your product. But if you do need a patent, find a professional who can advise you.

So, how to protect property rights then?

To protect intellectual rights between collaborative parties, you should use NDA with adding intellectual property rights articles with included definitions of who has the right over intellectual property. All collaborative parties should sign it. Do not forget to include the court (country) responsible in case of any legal problems.

The examples of such kind of NDA can be found on the web, or even better bought as a template from legal companies. It costs around 18 €.

For your users, use contract Terms of agreements with the article of intellectual property rights. Do not forget to include the court of the county responsible in case of any legal problems.

The template of Terms of agreements can also be bought on the web for a few euros.

So this is the simplest way to protect your intellectual property rights in cases of working on development projects.

Anyway, in my opinion there is no perfect way how to protect yourself from copying or stealing your intellectual property.

It is most important, that you have trusted partners and customers. Build your community, take care of your customers and build loyalty with them. This will help the most.

The second part is to define strict works of all parties.

What does that mean?

  1. Prepare the list of tasks with all needed dates (planned start, planned end, due dates), descriptions and responsibilities.
  2. Put the tasks into groups, build timeline with milestones and resource estimations.
  3. PLAN – plan is very important. If you will not plan work, how will you track progress, how will you finish work within the set time and costs?
  4. REPORT, REPORT, REPORT. All of collaborative parties NEED to report their work, time spent and if needed the costs.
  5. Track the efficiency of your work and the efficiency of collaborations.
  6. There will be no more excuses of collaborative parties.
  7. People with advanced skills, will be able to DETECT conflicts even before they arise.

To manage all these, you need to use some system that will make your life easier and make it possible to even manage all needed in order to successfully finish your projects.

Control+ was built for this purpose and it can support all your needed activities.

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