B2B Connecting With Purpose of Cost Reduction

Does your company need extra resources or additional knowledge? Are you forced to reduce costs or would you like to expand to new markets?

One of the very effective ways of solving all issues above is to connect with other companies and collaborate.

Do you feel anxious about this idea?

No need to. I will give you tips about how to manage connections in the right way and what are the traps that you need to be careful about.

The first step is to define what your goal is. If you are the beginner, start with the simplest and low risk connection.

For example Reducing costs. Outsourcing and project work is the right way, it can be a freelancer or company.

What you need to do:

  • Prepare specification of work
  • Do the time estimation
  • Negotiate the price (Fixed price for project or time and materials)
  • Specify the deliverables


The outsourced person needs to have a clear scope of deliverables that need to be delivered, time frame and the price.

The next step is to track your outsourced resource to be sure that your collaborator is doing what needs to be done and in the way that you agree.

You can do all steps about over by email, but believe me it will be very confusing. You will need to search all the time what you agreed upon and you will not be able to track daily work and time that a person worked on agreed deal.

How our solutions can help? Check the example below:

1) Responsibilities: who is responsible for the activity, who is Supervisor..

2) Estimated budget.

3) Estimated time frame. Planed Start and End. Under the Title there is a real time frame (Real start and End)










Under Sub Workorders, there are activities that belong to this group. You can track status and also the type (like Change request). In our case we were satisfied with the Catalogue work in progress so we gave additional assignment for Flyer and marked it like Change request. It means that it will be paid extra of the agreed price.


4) Estimations of the time agreed to spend on activity. Below is reported time. What and when was done by collaborators on agreed activities.








All documents are at the same place. There is no need to have them send by emails.


To be interactive, you can comment below and see all your chat on the activity.


Finally all the needed data is in the same place. It is easy to manage and track your work with outsourced resources and benefit from that.


In the next blog post I will show how you can manage collaboration with contractors in the case of Development Projects where intellectual property needs be protected.